Stuff happens…

The moving company was scheduled by the sellers, Janet and Mark, upon hearing the news that the appraisal had come in ‘at value and with no conditions.’ They had been preparing for weeks and they were ready to move from the big family home in the hills to easy-living new construction. It felt good to… Read more »

What Lies ahead in Residential Real Estate Locally?

My crystal ball that forecasts future Lane County residential real estate trends has been requested frequently in recent conversation surrounding the ongoing pandemic-ridden market. There is also curiosity as to what the post-pan­demic market will bring. When asked what I see I begin by reminding my audience that I have not experienced a worldwide pandemic… Read more »

Downsizing: Gifting, Giving and Letting Go

Dear family friends of mine courageously forged forward with the plan to move from their single-family home to community senior living just a couple months ago. At the end of a preparation day, the day before the movers arrived those of us who were helping out sat amongst the boxes and furniture in disarray. I… Read more »

It’s not just a House, It’s a Home

Admit it. Despite warnings of well-meaning friends, you have driven by houses you once owned to see how they look today. It’s like your curiosity about how ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends are doing today. Your former home played a significant role in your life at one time. There was a time when the house was your… Read more »

“I love the house … Just not that much,” says today’s homebuyer

The robust sellers-advantage hous­ing market has resulted in today’s homebuyer being weary and cautious, understandably. Sellers have enjoyed the upper-hand in a market where there are more buyers seeking homes than there are avail­able homes for sale. By many economists’ definitions, a ‘balanced’ market would offer four to six months of avail­able inventory. In Lane… Read more »

Getting your home sale closed can be tricky

In today’s market, 25 percent of all pending home sales never close. The buyer and seller have success­fully negotiated the pricing and terms for the home purchase and sale, but somewhere before comple­tion of the sale, the transaction falls apart. It is dishearten­ing and costly to market the home, find an interested party, and successfully… Read more »

Consult the crystal ball to forecast area’s residential real estate for 2019

After several years of above ­average economic and home price growth, 2018 marked the beginnings of a slowdown in the residential real estate market. However, the characteristics of this approaching downturn indi­cate a market correction, not a bubble-burst, as some fear. Sales start­ed to slow late last summer as we breached affordability limits and some… Read more »